Norm McFarlane


Age: 40
Occupation Sales Representative
Hometown: Auckland
Number of years jetskiing: 20
Riding Style: Surf freestyle
First Jetski: 1980s Kawasaki 550
Current Jetski: Krash Industries JB1
Favorite Spot to ride: Port Waikato
Favorite vacation spot: Rarotonga
Biggest on-Ski accomplishment: Doing my First Madonna Backflip
Biggest off-Ski accomplishment: Having two Beautiful Kids
How did you get started Jetskiing:Rode a friends 300cc Kawasaki then started Racing before moving to Surf Freeriding
What sports did you do before Jetsking: Rugby League, Quad bike Racing.
What music goes through your head while you’re riding: Every day I’m Shufflin
Biggest jetski Crash/ injury: Torn ACL in left Knee and broken Ankles
Have you featured in any videos or magazines: NZ 4X4 Action Mag
What motivates you to ride your Jet ski: One upmanship with mates and wanting to do new tricksWhat’s your favorite thing about Jetsking: Being out in the open and pushing the limits while having fun
Any non-bike hobbies, or something you do to relax: Hanging with the Kids doing BMX and Going out for Dinner
Pets: Pig