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    Pro Female Drift Driver- New Zealand

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. With the introduction of motorbikes at the age of 2 Jodie was an early developer in the adrenalin junkie scheme of things. Jodie contributes her passion for speed to her surroundings and experiences growing up with her father Pete being a mechanic by trade and her ‘petrol head’ older brother Mike unknowingly influencing her towards her current state. Jodie grew up in a small farming district located in Northland NZ, a place where driving on gravel roads was an everyday occurrence, this of course gave Jodie and Michael every opportunity to get into trouble with anything involving a motor and wheels. Soon enough Jodie had learnt to drive these gravel roads and would often be caught powersliding the corners much to the neighbours’ horror. She credits a lot of her skills to her early years of “experimenting” with
    Insta: @msdrif 
    FB: @jvmsdrif


    Current Weapon of choice:
    Car: Toyota Supra JZA80
    Engine: LS2 V8
    Gearbox: T56 6spd gearbox
    Clutch: Heavy Duty 5 puk, lightweight flywheel
    Fuel: Fuel Lab fuel regulator, Bosh 044 external pump, Braided fuel lines, 98 octane.
    ECU: Link Extreme ECU, Link Dash
    BC Gold Coil over suspension, Solid sub-frame bushes, custom suspension arms. Eight point roll cage, Custom hydraulic handbrake
    Power: 330kw